Everyday Actions

Every action can make a positive impact for the environment and ourselves.

Request Trash Removal

Durham One Call is a resource for residents to report the following:

  • Large or heavy trash removal

  • Graffiti on public or private property

  • Weeds/junk/debris on vacant lots

  • Abandoned Vehicles

  • Potholes

  • Tree-related concerns

  • Removal of glass or trash from street

Order Green to Go.

GreenToGo is a reusable take-out container service that will reduce the amount of trash that goes to our landfills and improve quality of life for the Durham community. GreenToGo boxes are durable and long-lasting take-out containers which are 100% reusable and checked out.  

Plant Native

Native species are those that occur naturally in an area. They are better adapted to local conditions requiring less care once established. Native species support our native pollinators moreso than introduced plants or ornamentals which can become invasive. Visit the NC Native Plant Society for a list of native plants and nurseries that offer them, or the FREE Durham Seed Library.

Report a Litterbug

Littering North Carolina roadways is illegal and can result in fines for those that commit the offense. The Dept. of Transportation’s Swat-A-Litterbug Program encourages the public to report people who litter in an effort to help make NC roadways across the state cleaner.

Recycle, Reuse, Regift

Did you know the some charities in Durham will come to you to pick up large eligible donations like furniture or other household goods? Drop off locations also available.

Invite Your Friends

Use our flyer on social media to spread the word and recruit more Trailblazers!

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