Our Organization

One of 19 chapters of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, Durham’s Bull City Trailblazers are focused on partnering with Bull City to clean its green spaces, hike its trails, and build butterfly gardens to increase stops along the Pollinator Highway.

This wildlife chapter conducts activities in underserved communities, including public parks and schools, with the intent of engaging and amplifying diversity and equity in conservation.

We believe the love of nature and conservancy are meant to be shared with every community member of Bull City.

The Board

Bull City Trailblazers was founded in 2020 with the following members:

  • President: Naadii Saalam

  • Vice President: Nikki Liles

  • Treasurer: Beth Leigh

  • Comms/PR Mgr: Ashley Robbins

  • NCWF Reps: Tara Moore, Madison Ohmen

About NCWF

The North Carolina Wildlife Federation is one of North Carolina’s most effective organizations dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitats. With more than 60 years of experience, NCWF brings together the concerns of every North Carolinian who loves wildlife and wild places and the many ways to enjoy them. We need your support to continue our work across the state. Please, join us in our mission to connect people with nature.

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